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Medal Count Grows for Central Florida Archery

What a weekend it was for the shooters of Central Florida Archery. Six archers set out to go compete at two separate tournaments over the course of the weekend. Three of the six archers attended the 2018 State FITA tournament at the Easton Newberry Center. All three archers entered into the individual olympic recurve classes of Cub, Junior, and Adult. Each archer shooting over 144 arrows over the course of a tow day tournament at ranges from 90 to 30 meters. Central Florida Archery competitors came home with two gold medals and one bronze medal.

Coach Gouws and his recurve medalists

The second group of archers attended the Villages 900 Round entering on Sunday the 23rd. Shooting a total of 90 arrows at three different distances 60, 50, and 40 yards. Central Florida archers swept the competition by taking home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the adult compound class.

Coach Gouws with the compound medalist

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