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Another podium finsh for Central Florida Archery

This past weekend of Oct. 20-21st Olympic Recurve archer Kris Kohlhaas attended the State Field Tournament held by the Ft Lauderdale Archers in Ft Lauderdale Florida. Shooting a 900 round on Saturday and a classic 600 round on Sunday. Throughout the weekend Kris shoot a grand total of 150 arrows at three separate distances. Saturdays shoot of the 900 was 30 arrows at 60,50, and 40 yards at a 122cm face target. While the 600 round was shot in reverse order 40,50, and 60 yards at a 92cm face target

Scoring a 764/900 on Saturday coming in under his personal best of 772/900 it landed him in 4th place.

Knowing another day of competition coming tomorrow Kris prepared for another round of shooting in hopes to increase his overall score.Fighting the heat and fatigue Kris was able to hold it together in order to score a 485/600 which was good enough to propel him to the podium in 3rd place beating the archer in 4th place by 1 point.

After speaking with Kris and his time reflecting on the competition he had this to say. "It just goes to show you that every arrow maters and the difference of you medaling or not could all come down that one point, I'm just glad it went in my favor" said Kris.

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